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Subject: Stability of Micropoint
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#1  Stability of Micropoint

I know that MicroPoint is still in beta and I was thinking about giving it a spin and have a few questions.

1. Any know issues with the current beta that I should know about before installing it?

2. If the install goes bad, is there a removal tool around?

3. Are there any issues using MicroPoint with any of the following programs: Shadow Defender, Sandboxie, Defensewall, and Threatfire ?

4. Any idea when it will come out of beta?

5. Besides this forum is there a way reach support and submit bug reports? The "contact us" on www.micropoint.cn doesn't seem to work.

2008-7-15 13:19
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1.The chinese version of the micropoint proactive on sale successfully on June 25,2008.The english version is in beta testing program now.please wait till the official news in time on www.micropoint.cn.

2.Please use the uninstall program of the micropoint proactive defense software.if not,please contact with support@micropoint.cn

3.No issues between the following programs currently: Shadow Defender, Sandboxie, Defensewall, and Threatfire.Known programs which have the issues are the following programs at current:avp v5.0.237,the version of McAfee prior to 9.0,Outpost Firewall, F-Secure Client 6.01 enterprise version,F-Secure Client 6.02 enterprise version,F-Secure 2007,F-Secure 7.01,and Unlocker.we suggest the users better install one security software with one computers to avoid the unnecessary programs.

4.You can continue to use micropoint proactive defense software after the ending day of the beta version.Micropoint corporation will inform the users on www.micropoint.cn before the english version on sale.

5.If you have any questions about micropoint proactive defense software, please contact with support@micropoint.cn for help!

Thanks for the encouragements and supports to micropoint proactive defense software!

proactive defense expert
2008-7-16 15:43
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2008-8-19 17:46
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#4  info. help

I just bought micropoint. My Chinese student suggested this to me. Honestly I feel like my laptop is invincible now h aha

however,  i am confused. Micropoint can also perform virus scan in my computer, can't it? I tried to do it but i simply clueless. Or this is just for the Internet security? Like i often use my flash disk at school. Always when I use it back here in my house, i want to scan it first before using (with my previous NOD32). But with micropoint, i guess i can't do this.

Should i then have to install another antivirus? oh forgive my ignorance.


2008-10-4 13:56
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#5  What car to choose

hi everybody here!
I'm going to buy a new car. Wish to have an up market one, but have no ideas what to choose... Can smb advise me smth?

2008-12-2 21:23
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