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Subject: The differences between HIPS software (SSM,etc) and micropoint

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#1  The differences between HIPS software (SSM,etc) and micropoint

[draft translation by sidineyqiao]
Hips don't analyze the behavior, and it holds up the behavior. for example SSM pays emphasis on monitoring, alarming and asking user frequently to make the accurate and right choice manually when faced with these windows protect programs which are harmful programs ,spy programs and etc .

Micropoint Proactive Defense Software create a Dynamic Simulation Anti-virus Expert System, simulate experts realize the goal of determining new virus automatically, then make the active defense come true by the way of automatic monitoring on various kinds of application behaviors and automatic analyzing on the logical relationships between those behaviors.

Hips based upon the personal proactive defense if it means proactive defense, and it can intercept or control the software behavior, but both need the user to input something and the user also need some advanced virus knowledge. How do you judge it if you download the software from internet? Normal or no? SSM can't kill the virus. The wrong choice will bring the worst result.The result will be severe as soon as user making the wrong choice.

Analyzing and monitoring the program behaviors of the Micropoint Proactive Defense is one set complicated system that through the logical judgments. Not only the singular behavior monitoring, so it don't prompt the user to handle every actions. once the virus occurs, micropoint will remind the user to operate and deal with it on time; so many anti-virus software  judge the virus through the tools to analyze and judge it by the engineer, then make the decision  .micropoint convert these methods to the program, so it can judge the new virus atomically. The pc which has installed the micropoint means it has a set system of engineer judging the virus.

Hips and the Micropoint Proactive Defense are two different kinds’ products. Not only the virus, but also the normal program, hips will hold up the singular behavior and ask the user to CHOOSE by them: hold up or let it go.
Micropoint don't inquire for the normal program, it will intercept to do the Corresponding Action to the Virus Behavior

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