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Subject: Set your rule packet for using VPN on internet


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#1  Set your rule packet for using VPN on internet


How to set for the firewall rule packet of the micropoint proactive defense software when you use the VPN on internet


Choosing the rule packet 1 or 4 on internet by VPN
If you need rule packet 3 or 5,please choose your using rule packet to save as a new rule packet and add a rule.

The steps:
1.open the micropoint main interface->Security->Traditional Firewall Settings
2.choose the using rule packet,right click it and choose the "save as",create a new rule packet
3.double click the new rule packet,add the policy:right click it and create the new policy
name:VPN strategy ;description:VPN; protocol:IP; direction:double;local port:all ports; remote address:the specified range(your IP address of the VPN); remote port:all ports;rule:Allow
4.save the new rule packet,click the "Apply"

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2008-8-11 17:50
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